Why Wayfinder?

Wayfinder Mission Corp is a non-profit organization operating with integrity.  Time and again we find when churches, schools or medical groups arrange mission trips 'on their own' they spend more money and resources and are less prepared - logistics alone can be a huge burden.  Trust us to be your guiding hand, we can help.


We have extensive connections in the missions world.  We can serve you beyond the locations and services you see on our website.   Simply contact us - we're here to help!  Examples of ways we have helped other individuals and teams:


  • Individuals or couples looking to serve internationally, long term with a reputable organization.

  • Individuals discerning a call to missions and needing guidance.

  • Non-religious based groups and organizations wanting to serve, meaningfully.

  • Group leaders trying to determine the best type of mission for their team.

  • Groups interested in a region Wayfinder does not currently have listed on the website.

  • Quick trip set up when groups experience an emergency trip replacement need due to another organization dropping them without explanation late in the process.


Jess Berryhill

Student Ministry Director

Mt. Pleasant UMC


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