Cuba Partner Planned Mission Trip / Open Year Round! / 10 days 9 nights

Cuba Partner Planned Mission Trip / Open Year Round! / 10 days 9 nights

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Price shown is per person. Payment today secures one participant & acts as down payment & team reservation! Questions? Call 1-800-920-1949.  Register today to secure your team date.  Additional $29 per person registration fee applies; fee is collected as your group members register individually on your Wayfinder Team Site.  Consultations begin immediately after registration and team size does not finalize until 60 days prior to your trip.

Dates can be flexible, contact us!  This 10 day, 9 night short term mission with a ministry focus working among house churches is a rare opportunity, to say the least!   This opportunity takes place in Eastern Cuba in the Sierra Maestra Mountains.  

Your 'small-ish' group (10 - 15 people) will assist and encourage local Christian leaders and house church members in this growing house church movement!  Due to the nature of Cuba trips, please contact us by phone to discuss the details of this amazing opportunity!  You'll enjoy taking in Cuban culture in the midst of an itinerary dedicating to bettering the lives of the Cuban people.

How can we prepare?

This trip is pretty 'extreme', in a good sense, meaning, there's some hiking and places you'll go that are only traveled by foot and by mule!  Expect extreme hospitality!  

We'll want to communicate some specific things you can bring down, call us to discuss.  It's important for the team who registers for this trip to respect the unique situation when visiting our friends in Cuba.  We have all the preparation and orientation information you'll need to prepare your team!  Once you are registered, we'll be in direct communication with our partner and begin the fun process of maximizing your team to this specific opportunity!

Cuba is an amazing location, and Wayfinder has hundreds of opportunities in the country.  Questions?  Want help kicking around ideas?  Don't hesitate to contact us, we can help.




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