Lakota Partner Planned Mission Trip / Limited Dates 2019 / 7 Days 6 Nights

Lakota Partner Planned Mission Trip / Limited Dates 2019 / 7 Days 6 Nights

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Price shown is per person. Payment today secures one participant & acts as down payment & team reservation! Questions? Call 1-800-920-1949.  Register today to secure your team date.  Additional $25 per person registration fee applies; fee is collected as your group members register individually on your Wayfinder Team Site.  Consultations begin immediately after registration and team size does not finalize until 60 days prior to your trip.

This 7 day, 6 night short term mission trip to the Lakota Nation is an amazing opportunity.  Arrival days can be flexible, but contact us for options! This opportunity is located within Pine Ridge (located in South Dakota).

Our ministry partner has been working with the tribe for years.  They have truly sustainable ministry, that is excellent and culturally sensitive.  At Wayfinder, we link you to local heroes doing the hard work of real missions, and the Lakota ministry is no different. 


Much work among First Nation people is not sustainable or done with the deep relationships necessary to insure a long term, sustainable ministry. Our partners are authentic missionaries to these people, strategically in position and they can use your team to assist!  A new youth leader staff member focused solely on the Lakota youth could use your encouragement and support!


How can we prepare?

It's important for the team who registers for this trip to respect the unique situation when visiting our friends on the reservation.  We have all the preparation and orientation information you'll need to prepare your team for a successful mission trip to the Lakota !  Once you are registered, we'll be in direct communication with our partner and begin the fun process of maximizing your team to this specific opportunity!  We'll need a team that is serious about preparation for ministry!  Work hard and play hard while improving the quality of life of the Lakota!

 Questions?  Want help kicking around ideas? Don't hesitate to contact us, we can help.