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Flexibility + Planning = Quality Mission

One of our Group Leaders this past Summer in St. Louis was sharing toward the end of the mission trip. She verbalized her appreciation that our schedule was not "fixed". Wayfinder had collaborated extensively on the plan for the week, but what she found on the ground was our ability to adapt to the current situation - as the trip was in progress. Flexibility, it's a value we esteem, and we appreciate it in the teams who serve as well.

But flexibility without a backbone of original, collaborative, planning does not usually equal success. So, you wont' find your team thrown into ministry that was not talked about and planned together, and you won't be waiting for buses that are late. You and our partner are our priority, we work hard to insure the time spent serving is maximized. Oh, we also have fun. You can do that when you aren't pushed into "programs" that are poorly coordinated! Take a deep breath, together, we've got this!

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