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Local Leadership: The Key

Wayfinder Missions is not the 'hero' of the story. Your team is not the 'hero' of the story. The local pastor and ministries making it happen 24/7 - they are our heroes! There's something about human nature that makes us want to 'save the day' and even be recognized for doing so! However, Jesus talked a great deal about doing things in secret, and he also teaches us that those who serve others are the leaders of all. Are we mature enough to serve other 'heroes' and delight in seeing THEIR ministry get the limelight and for us to remain largely in anonymity? We need to examine our motives, and find joy in positioning ourselves correctly as we go to listen, learn and serve the heroes 'out there'....

Here's our secret at Wayfinder, you, when you go to serve the least of these, become our heroes and we celebrate you guys every day. Thanks for all you do and all you are, and thanks for being family.

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