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“Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord,

that you may fulfill it.”

~ Colossians 4:17


Wayfinder Mission Corp is a non-profit organization whose mission is mobilizing, uniting, and engaging our world through sustainable cross cultural relationships, to bring physical, emotional and spiritual life to those in need.


Our vision is to fulfill hearts through sustainable ministries.

About our Leadership...

Experience and Character.  The Wayfinder Missions (Primary) Board is made up of missions experienced members including those with pastoral leadership, overseas missionary experience, as well as business leaders of outstanding character and significant experience and expertise.  


International Advisory Board.  The Wayfinder Missions (Advisory) Board is a growing number of denominational leaders, as well as respected ministry & business leaders from around the globe.  The ministry is being placed in the hands of local leadership, with the goal of autonomous indigenous operations forming independent networks in support of short term and longer term sustainable ministries.

Living up to the high standards of a professional, non-profit organization.

Sadly, many not for profit organizations have poor processes.  Worse, some missions organizers are actually for profit businesses!  


At Wayfinder, we have a respect for the role and importance of business principles.  At the same time, the growth of long term, local, sustainable ministries and their leaders is our focus!  Your efforts always support authentic, sustainable, local ministries.  Our primary partners are local churches throughout the regions in which we serve.

Ed Perez and family (Central & South America Leadership & Advisory Board Member)

Not your typical short term missions organization. Our staff have seen the short comings of missions, whether short term or longer term.  Mistakes have been made by both.  We are constantly seeking a broad, educated, informed context to insure we support truly sustainable, local operations.


No head in the sand here.  We love operating off of an informed platform.  Our staff are required to read "When Helping Hurts" by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert. Other great reads include "Toxic Charity" by Robert T. Lupton.  We also appreciate and support important historic mission work such as the Perspectives Course and love the work of Frontier Ventures, just to name a few examples.  We're all about collaboration!


This is family.  That's what our partners in the field like to say.  We are constantly growing our family of authentic sustainable ministry partners.  We do the grunt work so you can be sure your team is supporting an important, effective, long term work!  It's exciting, and it feels a lot more like joining a big family than just establishing a "partnership"!


It's about the work, it's not about us.



Joe & Barb Rodgers (former missionaries to Romania, Joe serves on the Board)

Wayfinder Leadership has the experience to catalyze wonderful relationships and meaningful and lasting missional experiences....I know that you will have a great trip that meaningfully connects and helps propel the long-term ministry work happening on the ground in the location where you will serve!  Rob Graham, President of Wayfinder, has had many roles in my life, but today I continue to call him my friend and mentor

(Name must be withheld for safety)

Missionary Leader to Muslim Refugees

and former Perspectives Course Area Leader

Undisclosed Location, Europe


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