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Welcome To Haiti Medical Missions!

Get off the beaten path with Wayfinder.

Wayfinder Mission’s local staff have deep relationships with strategic leaders across Haiti to ensure your mission trip is partnered in the right area, in need of your unique assistance. 

You'll find your team immersed in the culture, performing diverse medical missions with relational impact.  Head home having made life-long friendships, all while guided by professionals insuring safety and excellence.

Real People. Real Needs. Wayfinder Medical.

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Let Wayfinder Missions Be

Your Guiding Hand In Haiti

Experience Haiti medical missions truly connected to the local communities - authentic Haiti.   Your team will be led by mature Haitian and American staff.  From the airport arrival to your departure our staff will be there guiding and navigating you through an incredible experience. 


The logistics and details are covered so you can use your skills to bless the people of Haiti! 


Your story and life skills will intersect with Haitians lives and needs and everyone will come away changed!  Wayfinder - this is family.




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