Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone go on a Wayfinder Missions mission trip?

Yes! We welcome families as well as groups of teens, school groups, medical groups and others. Specific trips sometimes have recommendations or restrictions on age, etc., see the trip details. For children under 12 years old, it’s best to plan with your Wayfinder Guide, all are welcome! Review our trips or call us to talk about your group and specific trip options at1-800-920-1949.

How does my group register for a trip?

For your convenience registration can be accomplished online, simply choose a mission, and click on "Register My Group Trip". Many find it helpful to work through options with our staff. Call 1-800-920-1949. We can help!

Is the registration fee an additional charge?

No. Guided by our non-profit standards of excellence, 100% of your initial payment applies toward your mission trip! This process secures groups of any size - one simple method: pay for the first attendee and you're registered!

What if I'm not sure of how many participants we'll have in our group?

During the registration process, we ask you to estimate your group size. Typically groups have a final number a few months prior to the trip. You can add participants up to 30 days prior to the trip, and reduce participants up to 60 days prior. Your registration e-book has tips on how to recruit a team, and your Guide will work with you.

What does the price of each trip include?

The price of each mission trip covers everything your group needs from arrival to departure. This includes all the essentials: staffing, lodging, food & transportation (transportation for Continental USA trips however, is provided by your team). It does not include airfare, extra ministry or construction materials (unless specifically stated in the trip details), spending money, passport, insurance, or vaccinations. See individual mission trips for specific details, or call us toll-free at 1-800-920-1949.

Are the sites safe?

Safety is our priority. With decades of mission trip experience, our staff have never had a serious incident with a team. Petty theft (for example a backpack left unattended by a participant that had items taken) has occurred, but very rarely. Ultimately our safety is in the hands of the Lord, but we take professional precautions. Contact us for further details about your specific trip.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Standard sleeping accommodations include sleeping on the floor of a church, school, community center or similar. Of course, we separate by gender, and men's and women's restrooms/showers will be available on-site or at a nearby location. Unless notified otherwise, participants need to bring their own sleeping bag, pillows, sleeping pad or air mattress that are twin size or smaller. Hotel Option is typically available for an additional fee, check with your Wayfinder Guide. For other arrangements and costs, contact us, we can help.

What day should we arrive and what day should we depart?

You’ll work with your Wayfinder Guide prior to your trip on details such as this. Plan on arriving any time on day one of your Wayfinder itinerary, and depart on the last day of your itinerary. There is no need to arrive a day early.

Can an individual or a group arrive early or extend their trip for personal vacation, etc.?

Coordinate with us for approval of exceptions to the standard itinerary. We want to be sure your entire time on location is successful!

How do I arrange Airfare?

Call us at 1-800-920-1949 for assistance with your group travel needs!

What are the age requirements?

We do not have an age restriction. See trip details for specific trip restrictions. Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Some locations require documentation for minors, check with your Wayfinder Guide for details. We can help!

What if I am an individual or a small group and I want to go on a mission trip?

Individuals and groups of less than 10 people should call our office toll free at 1-800-920-1949, we can review with you the many opportunities we have.

Will our group serve together?


Will my group serve with other groups?

As a non-profit, we maximize lodging and transportation, while at the same time ensuring (through careful planning) that each group is thoroughly engaged in their mission opportunity. Groups typically serve at a unique ministry location. Questions? Call 1-800-920-1949.

Does our group need to verify background checks for those 18 years and older and forward that to Wayfinder?

Yes. To promote a safe environment, each group will need to conduct a national (multi-site) criminal background check and sex offender registry check on any participant (adults or students) that is 18 years and older. Your group will then provide Wayfinder with written confirmation that every participant 18 and older has been approved to work with youth and children. If your org does not already conduct checks, we can assist you. In the case of groups not working with children and youth, this requirement is waved.

What ministry will we be doing?

See trip details of Partner Planned trips. Customized trip itineraries vary by group. In either case, after registration your Guide works with you to prepare your group and insure this is the trip of a lifetime.