What We Do

Wayfinder Mission Corp is a non-profit organization whose mission is mobilizing, uniting, and engaging our world through sustainable cross cultural relationships, to bring physical, emotional and spiritual life to those in need.


Our vision is to fulfill hearts through sustainable ministries and other locally 'owned' processes and communities.


The local leader and his team are in the trenches, doing the day to day work.  Wayfinder Missions Short Term teams provide a wave of tangible love and activity that the local leader and his team can ride for months to come.

Short Term Missions Group Leader

Pastor Louis Wade, Jr.

Pastor, Belmopan Church of the Nazarene

Belmopan, Belize

It's all about them...

We recently met a new partner network leader.  He (and his network) has never worked with North Americans despite having many needs.  He said something that may surprise you:  “Yes, we would love to partner with our North American brothers and sisters, but tell them we want THEM to come here, to walk with us in our villages, eat with us in our homes, befriend us in our communities, spend life with us, and encourage our people face to face.  This is much more important to us than any resources they may bring".


It’s all about relationships.  Whether stateside or overseas, our partners are working hard with very few resources.  Your presence is requested, in fact, you are already invited! They long for something simple: your team to come encourage their team (and vice versa!), partnering with them in their impactful, local work. This is much more than a 'visit', this is about walking alongside amazing people, and a relationship of mutual respect, and life long friendship. At Wayfinder, it's about becoming family.

Short Term Missions School Ministry


We want them to come here, to walk with us in our village, eat with us in our homes, befriend us in our communities, spend life with us, and encourage our people face to face...

A staffer shared "I remember well, the first day I met a leader in Central America.  He was sitting on the stoop of his porch, covered in black soot and sweat from head to toe.  Sugar cane fields are burned before harvest, thus the blanket of black ash covering his face.  This is his daily life’s work. But on top of working the fields to make ends meet, he pastors two church communities!  To reach them, he peddles his bike for 3 miles down a rock road in one direction, and 6 miles down a blacktop road in the other.  His commitment is something that takes your breath away, he’s a busy man, he’s blessed and loved and he loves and helps many people.  He is also tired and in need of encouragement."

And then, a team arrived, surrounding pastor and his community and family with love, care, encouragement and friendship.  The result was a huge shot in the arm for a leader working tirelessly to bless his people. Imagine being able to meet a real hero - and bless them just by being present!  It really is that simple, that profound, and it is effective.


Come and see.  Come and be present.  Simple, yet profound.  Of course you'll do projects, engage in ministry or medical activities, but in the end, it’s the simple relational connections, the meals in homes, the face to face connections that make all the difference.  As you work with Wayfinder, plan on some structured time ‘hanging out’ and ‘doing life’.  We help create life long friendship on every-single-mission.


It isn’t about you and it isn’t about us:  It’s about THEM.

Short Term Missions Pastor