Unique Short-Term Mission Opportunities With Our Ministry Partners

Medical and Dental Mission Trips To Unique Wayfinder Locations Worldwide

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In an industry full of cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all short-term mission trips, we set out to do things differently.  At Wayfinder, begin your team preparation today, all of our mission trips rest on a foundation laid by the local leadership and their Partner Plan!  We share the information you need at your fingertips - today!  


Browse our Mission Trips and Medical Trips as you explore each mission see examples of short term mission itineraries and many helpful details.  An experienced Wayfinder Guide can assist you.


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Your Guiding Hand

Planning a group mission trip is risky business if you lack the right connections and extensive experience with tiny make-or-break details. Wayfinder Mission’s staff have deep relationships with strategic leaders across the globe to ensure your next mission trip is a resounding success.

Like you, we believe faith isn’t just about going to church every Sunday.  Our goal is to partner with leaders like you to inspire people to venture out into the world and make a positive difference on a continual basis.

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Inspire People to Take Meaningful Action in the World

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100% Commitment and Transparency


Many participants financially assist the sustainable ministries they've come to know and love.  100% of donation funds are tax deductible.  


We leverage every dollar, as a non-profit should! We keep handling and wire fees low so 95% + of your donations can bring hope to people in need.


We can help.  Explore Mission Trips and Medical Trips 

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Here’s What Other

Group Leaders are Saying

Working with Wayfinder Missions brings peace of mind that meaningful and sustainable ministry is at the heart of every endeavor. In multiple international fields, I have personally witnessed an approach to integrating short-term teams into existing ministry relationships that is a blessing to the local community as well as the trip participants themselves.

Short Term Missions Group Leader

John M. Witty

Servant Leadership Director, Dayspring Christian Academy 

Greeley, CO

Most missions teams struggle to find an opportunity that makes a truly lasting impact.  Wayfinder has the preparation, partners and relationships that make all the difference.  The minute you and your team get home, you’ll be planning your mission for next year!

Short Term Mission Group Leader

Michael Shrum

Sr. Pastor, Whitwell Church of God

Whitwell, TN 

Find the Trip that’s Right for Your Group

Let us worry about the planning and logistics while your group develops lasting relationships with people and communities across the globe.  Pick one of our exciting mission trips and get ready for your group’s next adventure making the world a better place.

Unique Short-Term Mission Opportunities With Our Ministry Partners

Medical and Dental Mission Trips To Unique Wayfinder Locations Worldwide